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Rules and Guidelines

Make certain that you wear all equipment that is issued by the coach.
Advise the coach of any poorly-fitted or defective equipment.
Advise the coach if you are ill or have any prolonged symptoms of illness.
Advise the coach if you have been injured.
Engage in warm-up activities prior to strenuous participation.
Be alert for any physical hazards in or around the participation area.
Advise coach of any hazard.
Use equipment that complies with FIFA and/or WIAA rules, e.g., footwear, shin guards.
Comply with soccer rules with special attention given to avoiding such violations as:
  • Kicking or attempting to kick an opponent.
  • Tripping an opponent.
  • Jumping at an opponent
  • Charging an opponent from behind.
  • Charging violently at an opponent.
  • Striking or attempting to strike an opponent. 
  • Holding an opponent.
  • Pushing an opponent.
  • Playing in a manner considered by the referee to be dangerous such as kicking at a shoulder-high ball when an opponent is trying to head it. 

Rules of Facility

Follow directions/Listen
Stretch – warm up and cool down
Be aware of your surroundings
Stay hydrated
Water in water bottles only
Do not lean on the goal posts
No food
Appropriate soccer attire
Always be courteous and respectful
No horse play
No kicking or bouncing ball in the
warm-up and lounge areas.

Penalties for Failure to Comply

Just as in the soccer game, there will be consequences for lack of compliance to the rules of the game.  The following will be the consequences:
Yellow Card – Warning:  Will be asked to sit out at the practice.
Red Card – Excused for two weeks for use of facility.
If an athlete gets more than three yellow cards, the athlete will receive a red card.  If the athlete gets more than two red cards, the athlete will not be allowed to practice at Excel.
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