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New Player Assessment 


All new players will be asked to participate in one class. To assign the appropriate class, Tibi would like to have some background on the soccer athlete.  The initial class assignment may not be the long term recommendation.  Tibi likes to see the athlete participating in the small sided games to understand the technical and tactical skills. Based on this assessment, Coach Tibi will email the player and parent to review and assign the player to a class that matches their skill and age level.   This will ensure the athlete is assigned to the right level class to ensure greatest growth potential.  To schedule an assessment, please email
The fee for the assessment will be $30 for one class.  
Please note the assessment is not required for beginners.

Registration Requirements

Each athlete must create an account prior to the initial class for the assessment.  The registration process will be in two steps - contact information and then separate emails with waivers.
Click here to register:


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