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Classes and Schedule

Training Overview

Each class is customized to support an athlete to go to the next level of soccer.  Practices will include tactical and technical training including offense/finishing, defense, and footskills.  It is our intention to keep the athlete to coach ratio will be a maximum of  7 athletes to 1 coach.

Overview of classes – 

Depending on the season and availability of our soccer athletes, our class schedule is Monday through Thursday for field training.  In general, the first class starts around 4:00 pm with the last class ending by 9:50 pm.   The apprentice classes are an hour and the advance and excel classes are 90 minutes. The goalkeeper sessions are on Friday and can start as early as 4:30 with the last class ending by 8 pm. 

For goalies - 

All field player classes are open to field players AND goal keepers in order to simulate game experience for this position. Through participation in these classes, goalies will have the opportunity to work on foot skills, speed of play, and decision making while also learning tactical competencies such as building from the back and linking up lines. During these sessions, goalies will also work on defending the goal in various finishing drills that will simulate game-like scenarios such as one v. one, crosses, shots from distance, etc.  On Fridays, Beginner and Advanced/Excel goalie training will be offered. These classes are exclusive to goal keepers and will work on the technical components of this position. These classes will be taught by a goalie coach. 

Regular feedback is provided to each player. We are hoping to have all practices live streamed viewable in the waiting room.  Some practices will be videotaped and the parents and students have the opportunity to review and study this practice.  Videos will be available.

Check back on our website for regular updates.

To purchase classes, click services link:

Field Training

Goalie Training

Soccer Clinics



Soccer Game

Field Training

Three levels of field training to ensure that athletes are grouped to maximum benefit.


Goalie Training

Three levels of training to help goalies learn fundamentals of the position.

Soccer Practice

Soccer Clinics

Soccer clinics to teach beginners the fundamentals of soccer. 

Crowd Silhouette

Additional Services

Individual training consulting services, Sunday Soccer with Tibi, and more.

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