Additional Services


On a spontaneous basis, athletes will be invited to come to the field for un-coached time or small-sided practices.  Please sign up for our newsletters to be notified of this opportunity when arises.

Open Field Time

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One-on-one sessions with Coach Tibi.  These trainings are scheduled directly with the Coach.

Individualized Training


Would you like the Coach come to a game and provide suggestions on areas of development? Schedule directly with Coach Tibi.

Consultative Services


Watch national and international games at Excel with debrief with Coach Tibi. Sign up for e-newsletter to get updates for upcoming games.

Sunday Games with Tibi

Sparkling Cupcake

Would you like to have a birthday party at Excel Soccer Skills? We offer 45 minute soccer session with a 45 minute reception immediately following.  Please email us for more details. 

Birthday parties

Never fear. The Hungarian is here.

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