Speed and Agility Training

Speed Performance with Coach Kim


We are pleased to continue our collaboration with Coach Kim to offer multiple 5-week sessions of Speed Performance with Coach Kim at Excel Soccer Skills Development.  This will be our third offering of Speed Performance with Coach Kim since spring. Some background on Coach Kim: 


Coach Kim has run professionally and enjoyed a 20+ year competitive soccer career. Even with that, she is most recognized for coaching some of Ohio's top male and female athletes where they competed at world games, Olympic trials, and national championships. Coach Kim has coached college and high school All-Americans in every sport; track & field, professional and semi pro soccer, swimming, lacrosse, tennis, football, power lifting, baseball and many others. 



She has been a presenter at many prestigious national coaching and athlete clinics across the country including, Ohio T&F Coaches Clinic, Kansas State's Coaches Clinic, Baker University’s Coaching Clinic and Camps, Ashland University’s Field Events Clinic, and the All-American Speed Camp. Coach Kim is, was or has been a recipient of USATF Level III Elite Coach, USATF Level II, Performance Specialist Beaumont High School, Performance Specialist Hathaway Brown School, 15 Years Soccer Coaching, and Ohio High School Coaching Excellence Award.

Speed development is a program to increase an athlete’s pure sprinting ability through neuromuscular training. Highlights include first step quickness, lateral speed, acceleration and deceleration techniques. It is not a conditioning program so athletes can attend a speed development session before or after their normal practices with no recovery time needed. Most soccer players see an immediate improvement in their game after their first speed training session. Training is very individualized and progresses week to week.


Please reach out to see if classes are available.  Usually classes are early on Sunday evening.   Also pricing is $40 per class or $200 per five weeks.

Please contact Robert Pietrick at rob@pietrick.com today to secure your spot in this exciting opportunity!


Notes: Minimum of six participants required for a class. Classes will be split by age group. Excel Soccer and Coach Kim reserve the right to modify age guidelines based on sign-ups. Pro rata purchasing of classes allowed only at sign-up.