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Youth athletes - Try soccer!

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

This blog is for parents who have a child around the ages of 4-7 and is considering playing a sport for the first time. Try soccer! Here are just a few reasons why playing soccer at a young age is beneficial for your little one.

Builds confidence and self-esteem: Although we all like to win, playing soccer at a young age helps players encourage others and build their confidence, win or lose. Parents and coaches play an important role in supporting and lifting up these young players in competition, celebrating both sides for their effort, focus and teamwork above scoring goals (though we still love celebrating that!).

Physical benefits: Being outside and running, kicking and jumping is good for cardiovascular health and strengthens important muscle groups. It also will help your child develop healthy fitness habits that will extend beyond soccer.

Social benefits: There is nothing like being on a team. Players get to form a special bond with their teammates that goes beyond soccer. Soccer requires constant communication, so players will learn how to share and receive important information from their peers, while also laughing and having fun!

Teaches life skills: Responsibility, discipline, teamwork. All of these skills are important not only in sports, but in school, the work force and in family life. Exposing your child to soccer at a young age will help them understand how their actions will impact themselves and others. It will encourage them to think of how they can help the entire team be successful while playing their part to the best of their ability.

Family and community bonding: Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and is growing rapidly in the US. Playing soccer will allow families to not only spend more time together as they learn something new, but will connect them with their local communities and families with children the same age in their cities. It can also show parents and players the global influence soccer has and open a dialogue about other cultures.

Youth Soccer Team

As you think about ways you can help your child improve social and motor skills, build confidence and learn important life skills, all while bringing your family closer to each other and your community, consider signing up for soccer! Excel’s beginner soccer class Saturday mornings will help your child determine if soccer is the right sport for them, or help them improve in a sport they already love!

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