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Der Excel Soccer Skills Families and Friends -

After a great high school season, I am back full-time at Excel Soccer Skills and look forward to seeing all of you more frequently and meeting new members. While I have heard from many of you already, I cannot wait to hear about your fall high school or club/travel/rec soccer seasons. I am so proud of your many accomplishments! Let’s get to work together to advance you as a soccer player. I am so excited!

Excel Soccer Skills is now entering its second year of operation. We will continue to build upon the foundation of innovative and effective technical and tactical soccer training. We will do our best to ensure everyone’s experience at Excel Soccer Skills is incredible and meaningful. My team of coaches and I will put in the hard work to bring the best soccer out of you. With dedication, hard work and commitment, you will reach your soccer goals. Do you accept the challenge?

In our effort to focus on the entire athlete, we are constantly looking at ways to bring value-added supplemental programming options to our member families. I encourage all to take advantage of these opportunities and please spread the word, as the opportunities extend to youth athletes not playing soccer. Look for future announcements on supplemental programming in addition to Coach Kim Curtis and Dr. Carol Mack.

I am pleased to share that Chris Staats will be our new director of goalkeeper training. I have played soccer with Chris for many years. He brings over 11 years of goalkeeper training experience and has been the goalkeeper trainer for the soccer team at Hathaway Brown School since 2014. Welcome Chris! I’ll be sharing more about Chris and the rest of our coaches soon.

Please know that I am honored that we have earned your trust in advancing your soccer development. Thank you so much for your continued support of Excel Soccer Skills. We desire to grow our Excel Soccer Skills family, so please spread the word of our training to friends and teammates. I look forward to working with all of you soon!


Coach Tibi

Ready for Winter Training!

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