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We are happy to offer our members and their friends an exciting speed and agility training opportunity with Coach Kim Curtis. Coach Kim has run professionally and enjoyed a 20+ year competitive soccer career. Even with that, she is most recognized for coaching some of Ohio's top male and female athletes where they competed at World Games, Olympic trials, and national championships. Kim has coached college and high school All-Americans in every sport; track & field, professional and semi pro soccer, swimming, lacrosse, tennis, football, power lifting, baseball and many others.

Her program is based in Speed, Power and Mobility (including first step quickness, acceleration, lateral speed, plyometrics, power, speed endurance and injury recovery.)

We are happy to present this program for a 5-week session on Monday nights, starting April 22, 2019 from 8:30-9:30pm. Cost is $200 per athlete for the session. This particular session is geared towards athletes who are ages 13-18 years old.

Please contact us today to secure your spot in this growth opportunity!

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