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October 2021 Updates from Excel

Dear Excel families & friends:

We are thrilled to be entering our fourth year at Excel Soccer Skills Development! We are pleased with the progress of so many of our athletes – several of whom have been with us since our opening. Over the years, we have relished the news and notes sharing our athletes’ successes in making starting lineups on teams, mastering new skills and improving their confidence. Successes like these are exactly why we opened Excel in 2018.

Join us to celebrate on November 6th!

To celebrate our anniversary, we invite everyone to join us at Excel on Saturday, November 6th from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. Weather permitting, we will offer soccer fun, refreshments and food (both inside and outside) to thank all of our families for their support, especially during the pandemic.

New programming

Next month, we will be offering several opportunities for new programming. Here are the highlights:

  • Finishing private training: Coach Tibi will be available to provide 30 minutes for 1 athlete or 60 minutes for 2 athletes to work on finishing. in order to let as many athletes the opportunity to participate in finishing training, we cannot schedule weekly sessions for this training opportunity.

  • Sunday fun-day: We will be opening up our facility for one hour every Sunday. We will set up an obstacle course, balance ball and jumping rope and allow access to turf. This is free time for clients to use our turf during the winter to do your own self-guided work-out. Bring your own mat or workout equipment. There will be a minimum of 8 people and maximum 15 adults on the field at a time. We will start at the beginning of November. A nominal fee will be charged per person.

  • Sunday soccer tennis: We are planning to build a soccer tennis league on Sundays. Parents and kids are welcome as teams. Siblings and co-ed teams are welcome. Age must be 12 or older. Create your own team and make your own team name. We will enter leagues when different teams play against each other. It will be one or two Sundays per month. If there is enough interest, we will start in November and go through February. Once we determine interest, we will work on how many games and pricing. Please reply to this email to express interest.

Please note! New pricing starting in November

Over the past four years, we have been pleased to be able to maintain our introductory pricing. At the same time, we have invested in Excel to best serve our students and families. During the pandemic, we did our best to keep class sizes smaller and respond to all private training requests. We kept our pricing at a level that understands that families have also had to make adjustments throughout the pandemic.

As of Monday, November 1st, please be aware that we will be adjusting our pricing schedule moving forward. Attached is our updated pricing sheet. Any purchase prior to that date will be at the current levels. If you visit our anniversary event with a friend, we will be offering a 5% credit on your next purchase. As we adjust to this new schedule, we also plan to provide more promotional opportunities throughout the year. Offering ongoing opportunities for you to maximize your services for the lowest costs is important to us.

Winter Season Scheduling

Please let us know your club schedule as soon as possible. Some classes are already getting close to full. We want to do our best to accommodate your schedule requests.

Speed Training - Resumes in November

Please note that we will be taking a break for the next three weeks. Coach Kim will begin speed training classes on Sunday beginning in November.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Excel Soccer Skills Development. We appreciate your support and look forward to our next winter season with all of you!

-- Coach Tibi Regele

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