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???? stevecalc: I meant that Ubuntu is not a good choice for desktop use on a laptop zerowaitstate: i was more curious if they were compatible, or not stevecalc: they do not support all of the hardware found in laptops stevecalc: if you buy a generic laptop, Ubuntu will likely not work on it. Most of the companies that build laptops allow you to install Ubuntu, but do not give you a pre-installed version of Ubuntu. Only Dell and HP and Apple and a few others stevecalc: you are on your own then. You could buy a desktop and install Ubuntu on it Anyone had any experience using netplan with OSv switch? stevecalc: but for some reason, Canonical decided to make the Unity desktop work on desktop-only computers zerowaitstate: so it's very much like using something that someone built for you without really giving you anything in return? I'm getting the error "/dev/net/tun: no such file or directory" when I try to restart the service on 18.04 is there a way to know when ubuntu 18.04 came out? I've just finished doing all of the updates and i don't see it in my applications do-release-upgrade tells me it's not available jayjo, just do a fresh install diogenes_: i really don't want to spend 2 hours in here reconfiguring my laptop and configuring all of my settings every time I update, i lose something... jayjo, i'm not saying that's how to do it, just giving you some advice. but I mean ubuntu tells me that it's not available but it isn't available jayjo, in ubuntu 19.10, you have to turn on the option called "install next day" and then upgrade diogenes_: do-release-upgrade says "No new release found"



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Windows 7 32 Bit Cracked Iso Tpb Torrent elletai

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