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Week of March 16th Plans

Dear Excel Soccer Skills family,

Thank you for your continued support. As many have said, these are unprecedented times. As I said in my earlier communication, I want to take the appropriate steps to smartly respond to the situation, while finding options to continue the sport we love. As some of you may know, I did cancel classes on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I did so in order to have enough time to prepare appropriately for the weeks to come. As we have heard countless times already, we need to use proper hygiene, appropriate coughing etiquette and social distancing. Any plans for the future have to respect these core fundamental steps.

I’ve received several emails asking for our plans and expressing interest to continue to train with me. As soccer is in my heart too, I know that taking several weeks off is difficult for many athletes who love the game. We have consulted a number of health care professionals to make our decision about the week of March 16th.

We have decided to make decisions on a week to week basis as the situation is changing daily if not hourly. I have made the difficult decision to cancel all classes for the week of March 16th. I would rather take a week off so we can keep everyone home and safe during this initial time.

I know we have an incredible health care community. I have talked to several of our clients who are health care professionals. Thank you for your input. We need to do what we can to support our Excel families and if it means taking a week off of soccer, then that’s what we should do. Just as we do every day for our individual teams, we have to decide what is in the best interest of our Excel community. And by the actions taken by our state this week, we know that they are hoping to keep families and children home and safe.

As soccer athletes, we know the difficult ups and down during the game. These times are like soccer. Every minute the situation changes. Just in soccer, we have to remain calm and logical to get through the tough times. Sometimes less is more. Just like an injury, rushing to come back to the field can create mor problems then taking the necessary time to heal. Taking an extra two days after injury could mean that you come back stronger and better than before. That is why I think we need to take the necessary steps now to keep our community healthy and safe, so we can get back to soccer sooner rather than later. I will send a communication to keep you updated of any changes. As of right now, we are closed March 16-22nd at a minimum. More likely we will be closed for additional weeks but we’ll update you in a week from now.

Thank you for your continued support. Since we all are home, I encourage everyone to watch some great soccer. There are a number of past games on UTube that would be very educational. So watch some good soccer and feel free to email me any time to discuss these games. Let’s use this time for the tactical and mental aspect of the game. If there are any questions about what games to watch, what to work on at home, or anything else soccer related, email me at



Coach Tibi

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